Hands-free Solutions for Healthcare from VisionID and RealWear

Empowering First Line Medical Workers with Hands-Free, Voice-Enabled Solutions.

The HMT-1 from RealWear helps to make medical professionals more effective, while keeping them and their patients safe.

This solution offers the advantages of an AI computer that can be sterilized, is easy to move, and is hands free.

Patients can be treated, while medical experts and chief physicians provide timely remote guidance through the HMT-1 via real-time video communication. Saving time and PPE, while also eliminating the number of close contacts, of both healthcare professionals and patients. 

The handsfree solution is seeing many benefits in the Healthcare sector such as:

  • Faster Diagnosis.
  • Faster and more accurate treatment.  
  • A save on protective materials.
  • Reduction in the amount of time healthcare professionals spend in higher risk areas.

Use Cases:

Consulting: The HMT-1 allows the end user to stream, in real time, their interactions and conversations with their patient to multiple experts globally. This allows experts to assist in early  diagnosis and the identification of potential serious health care issues, without the need for travel or time delay.

Theatre/Operating: When every step in a procedure could make a difference between life or death, this telemedicine solution running on the HMT-1 can give an additional set of eyes on the patient, as well as two way communication and video/photo capture for the most risky of procedures.

Training: Using the HMT-1, surgeons can educate trainee doctors in real time from the hospital. While learning remotely the trainees are still exposed to real life practices within theatre.

HMT-1 Key Features include :

  • IP66 rated /Drop proof /Dust Proof.
  • 8-10 hour battery life (hot swappable).
  • Android ready.

To find out more about the HMT-1 for Healthcare visit HMT-1 product page or contact our Healthcare account manager Bronagh via bbarrett@visionid.ie

By visionid | Jul 16, 2020 | Blog

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