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Retailers need to think of more ways to engage with the customer while they are in the store and find more ways to automate manual processes in order to free up sale associates time to tend to customers. When customers enter the store they are normally roaming the aisles checking out products and pricing, there is a small gap of opportunity here to slot in an innovative way (technology) to engage with the customer when they are in research and decision-making part of the buying process. That is where Electronic Shelf Labelling (ESL) comes in, this small digital display that enables retailers to display pricing in real time without the need to manually updating the labels.

Other ways that ESL’s can improve customer engagement and increase productivity among sales associates.


Bluetooth Beacon

Retailers can send out engaging promotions with Bluetooth enabled displays direct to the customer’s smartphone. Encouraging customers to purchase in-store as they will be getting value for money. Retailers will be able to build brand loyalty with customers as they will feel like they are getting a more personalised experience. Real Time Stock Levels

The ESL can display real-time updates on stock levels, allowing the customer and the sales associate to have real visibility of stock information. Reduce the risk of out of stock items as retailers will have accurate stock information and, can re-order stock when needed. Customers can make quick purchasing decisions if they see there are only a few items left in stock.

Product Reviews

By using larger displays retailers can show reviews of the product and additional product information aiding customers in their buying decisions while in the aisle. Additionally, language and currency can be changed in an instance to suit the needs of retailers based in airports, allowing them to custom the needs of their customers on a daily basis.

Update Prices in Real Time

Retailers will have complete control over prices across all stores, allowing them to updated prices instantly. Saving time for sales associates who would have to update pricing manually in the aisles, giving them more time to serve the customer. It also allows retailers to respond to changing conditions in the stores such as price markdowns on perishable products.

This small but powerful technology can allow retailers to draw in customers at the shelf edge and facilitate in the buying decision process. By providing customers with accurate prices and offers at all times, giving additional product information and reviews, and sending an in-store personalised offer to the customers’ smartphone allows them to be more informed and valued as a customer.

Retailer will have unprecedented control over pricing across all stores allowing the updated pricing and offers from HQ. Allowing retailers to create and push promotions through Bluetooth technology to the customer smartphone. To find out more reasons retailers should implement ESL please view this white paper.

By visionid | Jun 27, 2017 | Blog

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