Get The Most Of Your HMT-1 with WorkfloPlus

The HMT-1 from Realwear is a leading fully rugged head-mounted, hands-free remote collaboration tool ideal for front line workers. The device provides the foundation for connected worker programs and can be used in wet, dusty, hot, dangerous and loud industrial environments.

WorkfloPlus Remote Expert is software that has been designed to empower field workers to collaborate with colleagues via a live audio and video link. Capture and share live videos, annotated images and documents, and get invaluable input when an extra pair of eyes and ears are needed.

WorkfloPlus is designed to optimise RealWear’s comprehensive guidelines to ensure that users have the best possible experience with integrations, auto reporting, scanning and remote expert/training solutions to provide an unmatched hands-free experience designing our software to enhance the RealWear HMT-1.

“RealWear and Intoware have partnered to develop a premiere hands-free digital workflow solution 100% optimized for voice that will help reduce errors on the job while maintaining full situational awareness.” Chris Parkinson, CTO of Realwear.

Much More Than A Digital Solution

WorkfloPlus is designed to convert and enhance existing paper-based, human processes into easy to follow, step-by-step digital work instructions. Powerful features such as steps with images and detailed guides for users, remote expert at any stage, non-linear or linear process flows, and fast voice to text dictation ensure a brilliant user experience. Combining with the benefits of RealWear's HMT-1 to make a safe handsfree experience, Intoware WorkfloPlus offers enhanced productivity, simplicity and connectivity.

WorkfloPlus empowers you to:

  • Digitise - Transform paper-based processes into a digital workflow using our intuitive drag and drop editor.
  • Communicate - Distribute instructions to your workforce via any mobile device.
  • Maintain Control - Track and enable your workforce to follow step-by-step.
  • Analyse - Capture and analyse live data.

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By visionid | Jun 02, 2022 | Blog

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