Gain instant business intelligence about your Zebra devices with Visibility IQ

Without easily accessible data that is clear and comprehensive – it is hard to see how your devices are performing or decide what steps to take to improve your operations.

Your devices are critical to your operations and if they’re not operating at their peak, it can hurt your business productivity. This is why businesses need solutions that offer operational insights with historical data trends and actionable predictive intelligence to help prevent employee downtime, improve efficiency and bring costs down.

With Zebra Technologies VisibilityIQ software, you will be able to gain access to a portfolio of data-driven, actionable insights powered by Zebra’s Savanna data intelligence platform. VisibilityIQ™ gives you instant business intelligence about your Zebra devices, when and how you need it.

Visibility IQ gives you the instant business intelligence about your Zebra devices that you need to leverage the most from your assets, workers and daily tasks.

VisibilityIQ Foresight

VisibilityIQ Foresight pulls data from more sources than any other service. Foresight aggregates your big data onto a single, colour-coded, cloud-based pane of glass and then instantly translates it into action-ready insights. Along with this, it also collects historical data for predictive intelligence. This empowers businesses to catch problems before they have a bigger impact and accurately forecast future needs for smoother operations.

VisibilityIQ OneCare

VisibilityIQ OneCare is included as a benefit of Zebra OneCare expert maintenance plans, designed to eliminate unplanned device downtime and unbudgeted repair expenses. In addition to repair, technical support, and software support, you can get insight into all your support activities such as device repairs, technical issues and LifeGuard security and more, using cloud-based VisibilityIQ OneCare.

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By visionid | Jun 10, 2022 | Blog

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