Five Reasons to Invest in Rugged Enterprise-grade Tablets

Although it might be tempting to let workers use consumer laptops, tablets or 2-in-1s in the warehouse, factory, field or store, there is a lot more risk in doing so.

Businesses are changing and workers need reliable technology to get work done quickly and accurately whilst on the move. Although handheld mobile devices are often the most popular for workers, many companies need desktop computers on the field to enable better communications amongst workers and drive efficiency for those who need more computing capacity and manual data entry to be productive.

Often workplaces can invest in consumer tablets, laptops and 2-in-1s because they are familiar with them and they are more readily available, making them more intuitive for onboarding. However, by investing in top enterprise-grade tablets, workers will benefit more than they would with standard consumer devices as these devices either run Android or Windows 10 operating systems used on most desktops, providing workers with a familiar user experience which is just as straight forward. Enterprise-grade tablets are also more rewarding in the long term with their various benefits.


1. Rugged reliability

2. Unparalleled customization and management control,

3. Ability to maintain top performance levels all day long

4. Longer lifecycles

5. Environmentally sustainable designs.

Those who are often on the go and working in unpredictable environments, such as field workers, manufacturing teams, construction crews, and more demand sturdy and reliable devices. Consumer tablets can often shut down when faced with high temperatures or when dropped on the ground,  whereas rugged enterprise devices are built to withstand challenging environments, including hot and cold temperatures.

The memory, storage and desktop-comparable processing power of rugged enterprise tablets make it easy to run high-performance, workflow-specific applications that introduce greater efficiency into workers’ days.

With rugged enterprise tablets, batteries are long-lasting and easily replaceable to extend the life cycle, whereas consumer tablets do not have replaceable batteries for when workers are out on the field.

Rugged enterprise tablets can easily last up to 10 years with the correct maintenance. This extended lifespan can reduce the overall carbon footprint of businesses, especially when comparing the lifecycle of consumer devices that often reach end of life in one or two years – or sooner with heavy usage. By choosing devices that have a longer lifecycle and that can be easily refurbished or recycled, companies can minimise their contribution to harmful landfills and hazardous waste disposal practices.

New challenges and changing working circumstances means businesses need to embrace technology solutions that can support the needs of their front-line and field-based workers better.

The easiest option may seem to be consumer-grade laptops, tablets or 2-in-1s due to familiarity, but for long term durability and reliability rugged enterprise tablets are the way to go. With such a wide range of rugged tablets designed for specific workers and workflows, they are proving to be the most reliable type of tablet relevant to nearly every work environment, from retail stores to warehouses.

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By visionid | Sep 01, 2021 | Blog

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