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At the moment, manufacturers are faced with many ongoing challenges such as product and supply chain complexities and the rising raw material and energy costs. These factors have created aggressive competition and a need for an increased pace of activity.

Manufacturers are in need of real-time process visibility in order to enhance their business intelligence to make more informed decisions, to lead to efficient manufacturing performance. The key for the success of manufacturers in this day in age is to know exactly what’s happening in front of and around them – this is where the factory of the future comes in.

At the heart of the factory of the future will be visible, comprehensible and actionable data. To succeed, best-in-class manufacturers need to give their physical assets a digital profile that enables them to gain access to the real-time location and condition of those assets, along with the timing and accuracy of the events occurring throughout the value chain.

Data visibility empowers you to orchestrate production and deliver to order easily, allowing you to cut operator waiting times, reduce defects and eliminate over-production. With complete visibility of the relationships and interdependence between items, processes, people, and transactions taking place, your business can move closer to the goal of true manufacturing visibility

Automatic Identification and Data Capture solutions and advances in technology enable manufacturers to see what’s happening with all their operational events including assets, transactions and people in real-time. Not only can you see where everything is and what it’s doing, you can also see how these components are relative to everything else. This empowers your business to make more informed business decisions, leading to greater efficiencies and more ability to fulfil customer needs precisely while meeting key objectives.

VisionID have a solution for your every need at every part of your manufacturing plant, allowing you to achieve a futuristic and more efficient factory floor. We partner with leading technology and software manufacturers such as Zebra Technologies, Cognex, Wiliot, RealWear, Kinetic-ID, Extreme and more to provide the best possible solutions for manufacturers.

Our solutions for the Factory of The Future include:

Here’s how these solutions can fit in your factory floor:

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By visionid | Sep 16, 2022 | Blog

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