Courier companies improve deliveries with field mobility solution

Deliveries on the rise:

According to an article done by the Irish Examiner in April 2018 online shopping has increased fivefold since 2007 and it is only going to grow more. This means there will be an increased demand for courier’s services as they would deliver the online orders to the customers.

Which is good and bad news for courier/logistics companies, the good news business will increase due to the increase of online orders and the bad news for courier companies who don’t streamline their processes such as tracking deliveries and fleet management could run into problems. Problems such as lost packages and delayed deliveries which in turn will lead to disgruntled online customer and retail clients.


How to be prepared: 

For logistics companies to stay ahead of the game they need to invest in technology that would improve the in with the technology and allow the organization to have full visibility of packages being processed within the distribution centre and track deliveries out in the field.

Hardware such as Cognex fixed positioned cameras to capture the barcodes in the distribution centre enable the ability to keep track of packages received, this can tie into the software as the customer can track their parcels, and, can be notified when received at the depot.

Powerful rugged handheld scanners can be used to scan packages as they are placed in the courier vans. When out for delivery the van drivers will be equipped with a mobile handheld computer, this is used to see delivery schedules sent out by management and capture proof of delivery.


How this would benefit your company:

Management will have complete visibility of all drivers out in the field and will have real-time information on completed deliveries. This removes the need for paperwork thus reducing time spend filling out paperwork. It will increase throughput in your distribution centers ensuring that the customer receives the correct parcel. This will improve communication in the organisation and improve overall processes within the organisation.  


If you would like to find out more about field mobility solution and see how it can improve your field management. 

By visionid | Aug 10, 2018 | Blog

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