Connect your entire workforce and bust through efficiency barriers with Workforce Connect

If your workers use multiple devices to exchange data and reach different people throughout the day, they can suffer from communications disconnect. This can cause them to lose time through switching between different devices to get jobs done and forcing your company to purchase multiple devices per person. With Zebra’s Workforce Connect powered by Zebra Savanna, you can connect all of your voice and data communications easily into one multifunctional mobile computer which allows workers to do everything in one place without having to switch from device to device.

With Workforce Connect, workers will be able to:

  • Make and take phone calls through your PBX
  • Access information in your line of business applications
  • Reach co-workers in an instant
  • Manage teams in different locations with robust push-to-talk
  • Text message to individuals and groups

Workforce Connect offers real time information without boundaries – it is a one communications wave length. The benefits allow for streamlined workflows and less time wasted juggling devices.

Find out more about how Workforce Connect can improve the way managers and workers interact and improve efficiency here.

By visionid | Jul 27, 2021 | Blog

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