Complete visibility throughout the production line with work in progress solution

Lack of vision

The manufacturing production process is a complicated process, whether the manufacturer is producing medical devices, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages or automotive, they all have production lines and teams of staff working to achieve production targets in order to meet customer demands.

Manufacturers are constantly on the lookout for new technologies and solutions that will aid in streamlining production line processes in order to remove pain points such as, the lack of real time data and, disruption to the production process with out of stock supplies, manufacturers need to analyse the pit falls in their processes.

Levelling the playing field

To combat these pain points Depuy Synthes in Cork have implemented a visual factory solution. The visual factory solution gives real time information on production levels, using digital screens on the factory floor provides all staff with real-time updates on production targets and mobile workstations ensure staff on the move also have access to this vital information.

By implementing the virtual factory, all staff had complete visibility of production information in real-time. Data could be analysed in real-time and staff could make more informed decisions on improving the production process.

Previously, DePuy used white boards to display production information. This required staff to collect information & write it up on the boards. Not only was this time consuming and poor use of resources but, it lead to errors due to handwritten information, delays in relaying information and decisions being made using out of date information.

The biggest benefit that Depuy Synthes have seen from the visual factory project is that after only 4 months they achieved a 7% increase in productivity. Which shows that implementing the right solution and technologies, manufacturing organisations can improve visibility on the factory floor, production processes and increase overall productivity.

Watch the DePuy video to hear directly from them on how the visual factory solution has impacted their process and benefited their business.

By visionid | Aug 03, 2017 | Blog

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