Complete more tasks on the move with mobile workstations for healthcare

Lack of space: 

In recent years the healthcare sector has been under enormous pressure due to the lack of staff and constant funding cuts. In a lot of cases, the medical staff has to make do with space they have as funding cuts would slow down or halt building expansions. Meaning there is less space for nurses and doctors to do the necessary paperwork or to log onto systems to get more information such as EHR or PAS. 


Performing tasks made difficult: 

Medical staff often required to perform a number of tasks and would need a number of items to do so. Items such as labels or mobile label printer, syringes, blood vile and other medical utensils which they are would have to carry around from bed to bed when attending to patients. This can lead to frustration by medical staff by having to carry around so many items and it increases the likelihood of items going missing. 


Get more work done on the move:

Solution? Mobile workstation is a movable terminal equipped with PC, label printer, barcode scanner, and storage allowing medical staff to complete a number of tasks while on the move. The mobile workstation is egomaniacally design allowing it to be easily maneuverer around a busy hospital. It is clean room approved allow the mobile workstation to be easily 


The mobile workstations can remedy these problems and can be adapted to a number of scenarios, such as:

  • Specimen collection – phlebotomist can bring the mobile workstation on their rounds and use it to take the specimen sample and print and apply labels without leaving the patient bedside. This would remove the need for handwritten labels or pre-printed labels, reducing instances of mislabelling. 
  • Updated/Viewing EHR (Electronic Health Record) – the mobile workstation will allow medical staff to update and view patient information in real-time, reducing the need for them to find a free PC to log onto. This will also allow for medical staff to check test results, medication administered and how the patient treatment is going. 
  • Administering medication – nurses can administer medication with ease with the mobile workstation, they can scan patient wristband get information on what medication they need to receive. Scan medication to make sure that it matches with the patient, reducing the risk of the wrong medication being administered to the wrong patient.

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By visionid | Jul 05, 2018 | Blog

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