Cognex Vision Systems

Introduction to Vision Systems

Successful industrial automation is hugely dependent on the technology behind the solution. Cognex is a global leader in automated manufacturing processes, having invested over $200 million since 1981. In fact, every day over 1 Billion items that are manufactured in factories around the world are monitored by Cognex machine vision technology.

Take the pen on your table, the phone in your pocket and even the money in your wallet whether you knew it or not it’s possible they have all been automatically inspected using Cognex Vision Systems.

This depth of expertise and experience enables Vision ID, as a premier partner with Cognex, to deliver solutions to manufacturers that are second-to-none in the marketplace.

Commercial Benefits

There are many operational benefits to be gained by implementing a Cognex Vision System.

Benefits include

  • The facilitation of automated manufacturing
  • Significant improvement in product quality
  • Better protection for the brand image
  • A reduction in ongoing operational costs
  • The minimisation of recalls
  • An increase in manufacturing throughput
  • A reduction in raw material waste
  • The minimisation of the risk of production downtime

It’s no surprise then that manufacturers around the world are investing heavily in automating their manufacturing processes, not only to secure these benefits but also to keep up with increased global demand. Machine Vision is a central component in the successful automation of production.

As costs fall and processes improve, attention and resources can be allocated to other aspects of the business. However, while these two advantages are given a clear focus, it’s worth noting that minimising the risk of a product re-call is also an important business benefit. We have all witnessed how much damage this can cause to a company’s brand image, let alone bank account. Using a leading, proven, robust system such as Cognex truly minimises this exposure.

Guaranteed Production

VisionID partners with Cognex to deliver solutions to manufacturers that involve monitoring a whole host of functions. These include automating the handling of parts, inspecting production lines, applying gauging and verification processes and the automated identification of products through OCR (Optical Character Recognition) and Verification.

Cognex Vision Systems incorporate innovative vision technology to ensure that products are made to the required specification and are defect free. This allows managers to determine part position and better understand and monitor work flow and progress. Even if there’s several variations in a production line, such as colour and size, these can all be identified, monitored and individually tracked.

Ultimately machine vision technology has the ability to track each item through the entire production process and guarantee correct processing at every stage in the production line.

Applicable Industry Sectors

Cognex Vision Systems can easily be integrated into most manufacturing facilities driving quality production, cutting costs and optimising processes across a whole variety of sectors. There are also specific benefits to be gained in different markets; allergen management in food & beverage, bulk sorting in logistics, serialisation in the pharmaceutical sector, finished device management in electronics and laboratory automation in life sciences.

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Ultimately Vision ID not only supplies Cognex products, we also have the expertise to specify, design and install effective automated manufacturing solutions. Contact us to discuss the optimal set-up for your manufacturing facility.

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