Cognex Packaging Inspection

Packaging inspection applications in consumer-packaged goods (CPG), food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries are critical to ensuring product quality and safety.

Faulty or damaged packaging can adversely affect how distributors and end users perceive product quality, safety, and value, or result in costly product recalls. Industry 4.0 is the innovative approach of incorporating a greater level of automation and data exchange in manufacturing to solve packaging applications efficiently.

 The combination of machine vision, deep learning, barcode reading, and barcode verification technology can help ensure primary and secondary packaging is sealed properly, tamper-proof, correctly assembled, and defect-free to avoid rework and product recalls.

VisionID are the leading Irish partner with Cognex. Cognex vision systems perform 100% inspection, ensure brand quality and improve your production processes. With over one million systems installed worldwide, Cognex machine vision systems are accepted in nearly every industry and used by most major manufacturers.

 Other Cognex solutions include;

  • Vision sensors.
  • Barcode verifiers.
  • Cognex Deep Learning Solutions.


To learn more about Cognex solutions please do not hesitate to contact VisionID at

By visionid | Jan 28, 2021 | Blog

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