Closing the loop on the car rental processes

Lack of proof:

The car rental industry has grown considerably over the years and is set to grow even more. This poses a list of challenges for the car rental industry as they need to close the loop on exposed areas of the business that can cost the organisation greatly. For example, proof of damage on a rental vehicle can be hard to prove as many visual checks are done manually, typically paper-based, this often leads to conflicts with customers. In the end, this leads to the organisations being unable to recover the cost of the damages from the customer due to the lack of proof.  

Capturing the proof:

This has to lead to car rentals organisations looking for solutions to close this loop, an end-to-end enterprise mobility solution can be used to remedy this problem. By using rugged mobile tablets it will allow depot centre employees to take pictures of the car before it leaves the depot and take pictures after the car is returned to the depot, this will allow for better proof of damage of the vehicle. 

How would this benefit the rental industry?

This gives car rental organisation a wide range of benefit such as: 

  • Keeping a track record on the condition of the cars.
  • Better reporting system as the organisation will be able to see the status of all cars across all depots. 
  • Giving proof on damaged cars.

If you like to find out more how our enterprise mobility solution could work for your organisation them please contact us today. 

By visionid | Aug 15, 2018 | Blog

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