Building customer loyalty with a better shopping experience with technology

There are three important areas to consider when improving customer experience in store.

1. The Connected Shopper

What can be done to make connections with customers using the devices that they already bring to the store? How can retailers help them to shop, point them towards products and offer personalised discounts?

The answer:

Using beaconing technology that will allow retailers to connect to shopper via their smartphones greeting them and giving tailor offers based on their purchase history that will tie into their loyalty history.

2. The In-Store Experience

How can retailers re-invent the in-store experience and use technology to provide a more informative and interactive shopping experience?

The answer

By using interactive kiosks for the customer to look production information, stock availability and pricing, Electronic shelf edge labelling will allow retailers to ensure accurate pricing throughout the store and give customers correct pricing at all times. Click and collect service bring the online customer in-store to collect their purchases that give customers added convenience while giving retailers an opportunity to sell more to the customer.

3. The Staff

How can staff be empowered with devices and information that allow them to add more value to a customer’s shopping experience? How can staff get constant store stock visibility and help customers to find a particular product?

The answer

By arming sales associates in mobile handheld computers and tablets they will be able to provide a better customer experience in store.

This technology enables retailers to bridge the gaps in the brand experience, replicating the strengths of online shopping in-store to better serve the customer.

We provide a complete end-to-end solution, specifically designed to meet the needs of retailers; from mobile computers and scanners to specialty label & receipt printers, RFID, wireless infrastructure, kiosks, card, mobile and desktop printers, software and services.

By visionid | Oct 19, 2016 | Blog

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