Automating your label application solution

Removing the manual processes:

In today world businesses need to work faster and smarter and need to implement continuous improvements on the production floor.  One area that manufacturers are looking for improvement is the printing and applying labels on the finished boxed product at the end of the production line. This process is typically done by having a factory worker on the production printing off labels and applying them manually on the pallets and boxes. The process can be time-consuming and can slow them down the amount of product that you can have ready to ship off the line.


Automated print and apply solution:

Manufacturers can remedy this process by implementing a label applicator solution that will print and apply labels to the pallets and boxes automatically without the need for a factory worker to be on the production line. The label applicator machines are designed to suit the needs of the manufacturers whether that would be needing to apply labels on the multiple sides of the box and pallet or checking that label is correct by verifying the label after application. The implementation of a label applicator to the production line would increase the speed of the label application process and eliminate the risk of mislabelling products as they can happen with the manual process.


The right providers for your problem:

VisionID is an Irish partner of Cobalt Systems who provides print and apply solution if you would like to find out more then please contact us today.

By visionid | Mar 08, 2019 | Blog

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