Every measurement counts - improve the quality control on the factory with the right tools

Quality control is key to every manufacturer no matter what industries the manufacturer is in whether that would be automotive, electronics, consumer products, and food & beverage. By having the right tools to ensure that the products being produced are of the highest quality possible. The Cognex In-Sight laser profiler is a simple and reliable solution, is being increasingly being used to obtain accurate measurements of parts and components and to verify dimensionality for gauging, inspection, and ID applications to meet defined specifications.

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5 Reasons Consumer Devices Don’t Make The Grade

Knowing what you need from a mobile device and getting it are two very different things. Once you have taken the time to analyze your requirements you are often still faced with a key choice: Consumer-grade devices or purpose-built enterprise devices. Read our blog which outlines five reasons enterprise devices win out every time.

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Get the right technology to suit your cleanroom needs

For certain products to be manufactured i.e. medical devices need to be created in a contamination-free environment, each manufacturing operation requires an appropriate environmental cleanliness level in order to minimise the risks of cross-contamination of the product or materials being handled. This would mean that manufacturers are only allowed to use certain data capture technologies in these environments.

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Is your warehouse ready for Windows to Android switch?

Microsoft is ending support for Windows CE and Windows embedded operating system by 2020. Which means that organisations still using these operating systems will not have support after this date and, will ultimately run the risk of having security breaches. Read our Android resources to help you identify a migration plan.

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Windows CE and Embedded OS end of support in 2020: what does it mean for businesses?

Since Microsoft announced in early 2016 that they will end support for Windows CE and Windows Embedded operating system (OS) by 2020, businesses are now being forced to look elsewhere. Windows Embedded OS would be widely utilised on most handheld devices, everywhere from retail, healthcare, logistics and manufacturing for supply chain and inventory management tasks and, much more.

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Improving productivity in hazardous areas with the right ATEX device

Manufacturers who work in hazardous environments understand the steps and measures that need to be taken to ensure the safety of all of their staff. For instance, defining the classification of each hazardous area and supplying the right ATEX equipment and devices to suit all zones.

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Closing the loop on the car rental processes

Proof of damage on a rental vehicle can be hard to prove as many visual checks are done manually typically paper-based, this often leads to conflicts with customers. An end-to-end enterprise mobility solution can be used to remedy this problem by using rugged mobile tablets to allow depot centre employees

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On-site plastic card printing for businesses big and small

Many organisations from different industries do their own on-site plastic card printing for a variety of reasons. Reasons such as improve their security in the building only allowing visitors and staff with ID card to enter the building. Retailers who offer loyalty cards to customers by allowing them to sign up to loyalty scheme there and then. Leisure centre can print membership cards ensuring only members can have access to the centre.

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Courier companies improve deliveries with field mobility solution

For logistics companies to stay ahead of the game they need to invest in technology that would improve the in with the technology and allow the organization to have full visibility of packages being processed within the distribution centre and track deliveries out in the field.

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Complete more tasks on the move with mobile workstations for healthcare

In recent years the healthcare sector has been under enormous pressure due to the lack of staff and constant funding cuts. In a lot of cases, the medical staff has to make do with space they have as funding cuts would slow down or halt building expansions. Meaning there is less space for nurses and doctors to do the necessary paperwork or to log onto systems to get more information such as EHR or PAS.

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