On-site plastic card printing for businesses big and small

Many organisations from different industries do their own on-site plastic card printing for a variety of reasons. Reasons such as improve their security in the building only allowing visitors and staff with ID card to enter the building. Retailers who offer loyalty cards to customers by allowing them to sign up to loyalty scheme there and then. Leisure centre can print membership cards ensuring only members can have access to the centre.

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Courier companies improve deliveries with field mobility solution

For logistics companies to stay ahead of the game they need to invest in technology that would improve the in with the technology and allow the organization to have full visibility of packages being processed within the distribution centre and track deliveries out in the field.

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The launch of Zebra technologies new series of card printers – ZC100, ZC300 and ZC350

Zebra Technologies has recently launched a new range of card printer to help cater better to the client's needs. These card printers differ in range to mid to high output depending on the application.

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Complete more tasks on the move with mobile workstations for healthcare

In recent years the healthcare sector has been under enormous pressure due to the lack of staff and constant funding cuts. In a lot of cases, the medical staff has to make do with space they have as funding cuts would slow down or halt building expansions. Meaning there is less space for nurses and doctors to do the necessary paperwork or to log onto systems to get more information such as EHR or PAS.

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Three fundamental elements everyone should consider to undergoing an RFID project

RFID technology has been around for years and organisations from all different industry backgrounds are adopting RFID technology to resolve pain points or pit falls in their processes.

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Supply Chain Management – Make or Break – The Struggle to Share

In a recent Sunday Business Post article, VisionID Sales Manager Andrew Daly discusses how data capture technologies can improve supply chain management and reduce instances of breakdowns in the supply chain.

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Speed up your barcode labelling processes on the production line with an automated print and apply solution

The manufacturing environment is increasingly becoming fast-moving, with manufacturers needing to meet customers and/or clients supply and demand needs. With that, there is a greater need for the manufacturer to ensure that accuracy and quality are followed throughout the production line even down to the labels.

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Key areas to factor in when approaching an RFID project in Healthcare

RFID technology has been around for years and has been adopted by many industries such as retail sector and transport sector. However, it is beginning to become more prevenient in the healthcare sector with hospitals seeing the advantages of an RFID to track and manage medical assets, specimen samples, supplies and patients.

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VisionID and GS1 Ireland joint webinar on RFID technology in Healthcare

RFID technology has been around for many years, but only recently the healthcare sector has started to embrace the applications and benefits it can offer. With VisionID being part of a number of RFID projects in hospitals across Ireland over the past five years, we are seeing a growing interest in RFID with applications such as tracking and management of assets, devices, supplies, precious samples and patients.

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ID the key to Internet of Things, says VisionID’s Jones

Robert Jones, VisionID’s Managing Director has delivered numerous pieces on IOT over the last few years. One of which was with TechCentral where he discussed how it can be used in manufacturing to create a smarter manufacturing process.

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