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There is an established link between automation and increased productivity making it the ideal time for manufacturers to look to the future and make the investment in automation. Companies that have experienced increasing demand through the lockdown period are now looking to invest in packaging line improvements to help them increase productivity and efficiency, as well as mitigating the risk of loss of output from virus-related shutdowns.

For some manufacturers there may have been a wariness in the past to make process changes with automation, either because of manual processes being well established or because of the perceived risk that some new technologies can bring.  COVID-19 has emphasised the requirement for updating of manual practises that could stop a quick recovery once social distancing measures are lifted. Through education about the benefits of packaging automation and the labelling process, manufacturers can embrace the change and reap the rewards of automation.

The guide is a great way to visually see how automation can be integrated into a packaging line whether it’s to automate specific areas or create a slick and efficient fully automated process.

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