In-store Customer Experience

When shoppers can buy anything they want anywhere and anytime, retailers need to give them a reason to choose their brand over any others.

Today there is a fundamental shift of power from the retailer to the consumer for purchase decisions, impacting the retailer’s business proposition. Retailers must now find new ways to increase their value proposition to shoppers and regain influence on purchasing decisions. Have a look at our video about new in-store experience for shopper and retailer.

Retail is a challenging business but the pressures of today’s economic conditions are resulting in even more selective consumer shopping and spending. That’s why it’s important to have flexible tools that allow retailers to quickly adapt to changing consumer demands.

And in the battle for shopper’s hearts – and wallets – there’s one thing that keeps them coming back: The Experience

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Our retail Store Operations solutions can help reduce operating labour costs and build customer loyalty on the store floor. By having effective store operations, staff can be armed with tools to enhance customer experience and create customer loyalty.

Improve the connection with shoppers

We help you build experiences with technology and connect with shoppers

Greeted and enabled: fully connected to the shopping environment help the shopper to find what they need by using guest access wi-fi so that customer can be greeted and updated on the latest offers by sending messages through personal devices.

Guided: optimise shop and browse time for the shoppers by keeping staff informed with task management and personal shopper solution to reduce time wasted in-store searching for products.

Eliminate the questions: always having informed staff and shoppers by using smart inventory, connected staff with in-store locationing and extended aisle with self-service kiosk will aid in improving the shoppers over all experience.

Remove purchase risks: real-time digital decision assurance, make the shoppers purchase decisions easier with connected expert on the spot product enquiry for shoppers.

Expedite checkout: with payment anywhere you can remove the frustration with long checkout lines with secure mobile transactions with mobile point of sale solutions.

Connecting Staff In-store

Inventory Management

Shelf Edge Labelling

Improving staff communications using handheld devices and our retail software applications will ensure better customer experience; staff can make product enquires on the spot, check stock availability without having to leave the customers side

“Presence and locationing” solutions enables retailer to personalise the customers shopping experience, sending relevant messages to the customer’s smartphone device about updates on offers and suggestion from buying history.

“Click and collect” allows customers who order online the option to collect the order in-store. Staff can receive customers’ orders and have it ready for when the customer arrives at the store. The same solution can be expanded to include in-store task management, allowing efficient operation and management tasks to be shared effectively through the staffs’ handheld devices.

Have a look at our connected shopper infographic.

On the floor stock takes can be more efficient with our inventory management solutions which combine mobile computers, a wireless infrastructure, and RFID tagging and readers with our applications software.

This provides you and your retail staff with the inventory visibility you need to enhance your customers shopping experience .

Features and Benefits

  • Access accurate and timely information.
  • Improve accuracy of your pricing for improved customer service.
  • Reduce inventory loss and improve profitability.
  • Minimize disruptions to the sales process.
  • Send notifications when shelves need to be restocked

Read our paper white about inventory management for retail.

The changing or replacing of shelf-edge labels needs to be completed in a timely manner – customers will be dissatisfied if goods are on display and they cannot find the price or other information.

Using mobile printers to label on the spot in store is quick and efficient; there is no walk-time to the back office to collect labels. Printed information is accurate as it comes straight from the store’s system and eliminates human error or mislabelling.

Features and benefits

  • Improve accuracy of your pricing for improved customer service
  • Minimise disruptions to the sales process
  • Reduce staff walk time to and from the back office for labels
  • Reduce errors in mislabelling products

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