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Hippo Virtual Care for First Responders™

More Accurate Pre-Hospital Treatment Saves Lives

Hippo is revolutionizing virtual care for first responders. Using our hands-free, voice-activated, head-mounted computer with camera, first responders to a trauma scene such as paramedics and emergency medical technicians can get expert advice from specialists back in the ER, enabling potentially life-saving instructions to be delivered in real-time, and faster triage on arrival. Hippo turns any first responder with a headset into a virtual specialist:

  • Faster triage
  • Smarter clinical decision making
  • Save lives

Hippo Virtual Teaching™

Welcome to the Hippo Learning Network – a world of Knowledge Without Boundaries

Convening medical students and faculty at a central location is expensive under normal conditions and impossible at present due to COVID-19 restrictions. The Hippo Virtual Teaching platform enables medical students to ”see through the eyes of the physician” and can be used for ongoing skills training and assessment as well as remote proctoring, evaluation and calibration of procedures and skills.

Use Hippo for teaching, rounding and proctoring:

  • Reduce cost and increase convenience for students and medical faculty
  • Increase breadth and diversity of clinical exposure
  • Improve overall quality of learning experience

Hippo Virtual Consulting™

Deliver specialist consultations when and where they’re needed

Hippo extends the capability of practicing physicians and Advanced Care Practitioners, enabling clinicians to practice to the top of their license. Hippo increases the capacity to provide specialist care particularly in rural and remote settings, where the average wait time to see a specialist can be more than a month.

Use Hippo in the hospital, in the field, in the home:

  • Scale your specialist workforce and maximize productivity
  • Reduce medical error and maximize safety and convenience
  • Address physician shortages and costly recruitment

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