Find Your Warehouse Weak Point

And Learn How to Strengthen It

Looking for ways to save time and money while increasing efficiency in your warehouse operations?

Explore the infographic below to find solutions for the eight most common sources of inefficiency in warehouses today.


1. Receiving


PROBLEM: Lack of asset visibility causes congestion and errors, and negatively impacts downstream processes

When incoming inventory data isn't accessible in the Warehouse Management System (WMS):

  • Shortages and discrepancies cannot be easily identified
  • Scanning errors, incorrect labelling and lack of labelling cause bottlenecks
  • Productivity suffers

SOLUTION: Increase visibility during receiving with mobile computers, scanning and printing solutions that increase velocity and accuracy

  • Mobile access to WMS during receiving enables managers to scan and reconcile incoming inventory
  • Label incoming goods on the spot with mobile printers to streamline put-away
  • Save time by eliminating the need to move to a fixed computer terminal


  • Boost productivity
  • Provide instant inventory visibility and availability
  • Eliminate dock congestion
  • Error-proof the receiving process


2. Put-away & Replenishment


PROBLEM: Bottlenecks and processing errors cause higher dock-to-stock cycle times

When errors occur, downstream processes are affected:

  • Materials may need to be moved more than once, wasting valuable time
  • Inventory in multiple locations increases picking time
  • Purchasing cycles and manufacturing schedules are difficult to manage

SOLUTION: Ensure virtually error-free put-away with mobile printers and handheld computers

Combine with real-time locationing systems for even more rapid, accurate put-away:

  • Workers have the exact locations of both inventory en route and final storage
  • Upon put-away, status of goods is updated immediately in warehouse management system (WMS) to show in-stock
  • Workers can complete transactions in the put-away aisle instantaneously


  • Improve processing time up to 62%
  • Save up to 30 minutes per worker, per day
  • Reduce dock-to-stock cycle times
  • Optimise inventory availability and accuracy
  • Enable prompt order fulfilment


3. Inventory & Materials Management


PROBLEM: Lack of accurate fulfilment and cycle count data results in lost productivity and revenue

Misplaced or miscounted inventory can result in:

  • False out-of-stocks and lost sales
  • Costly, unnecessary repurchasing and storage

SOLUTION: Easily track important assets in real time with mobile handheld computing

Identify racks and fixed inventory locations with barcode or RFID labels to:

  • Improve productivity, inventory visibility and utilisation of MHE
  • Confirm correct item placement
  • Confirm inventory levels of every asset in your warehouse


  • Get faster cycle counts with fewer workers
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improve accuracy and order fulfilment


4. Picking


PROBLEM: Inaccurate location information leads to picking errors and inefficiency

Inaccurate fulfilment can result in:

  • Difficulty meeting same-day shipping demands
  • Costly returns and sanctions imposed by vendors

SOLUTION: Improve efficiency with hands-free data capture and mobile solutions

Hands-free, voice-directed and multi-modal wearable picking solutions:

  • Automatically deliver pick lists and optimised routes to mobile devices
  • Allow workers full use of their hands
  • Guide workers directly to items


  • Achieve 99.9% picking accuracy, virtually eliminating returns
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy to facilitate same-day shipping
  • Increase productivity per worker to pick more orders per day
  • Reduce training requirements for temporary and seasonal workers


5. Packing & Staging



PROBLEM: Inefficiencies and errors result in space utilisation issues, higher reshipping costs and customer dissatisfaction

Manual processes and visual order inspections can be inaccurate:

  • Busy packers may not catch slight differences in similar items
  • Single items on multi-line orders are easy to miss visually
  • Addresses can be entered incorrectly
  • Large orders could be misplaced or separated during dynamic staging
  • Inefficient use of space can’t accommodate spikes in demand

SOLUTION: Improve speed and accuracy in these last touchpoints with barcode scanning, vehicle-mounted computers, RFID and locationing (RTLS) solutions

Automated data capture, instant verification and dynamic outbound staging locations allow you to:

  • Confirm orders are complete and correct items were picked
  • Guarantee shipping details are accurate
  • Ensure items are instantly deducted from inventory as they are picked
  • Eliminate out-of-stocks
  • Significantly reduce staging errors including missing cartons or skids


  • Ensure order and shipping accuracy
  • Eliminate reshipping costs
  • Increase speed and efficiency
  • Reduce dedicated staging areas for greater space efficiency


6. Shipping


PROBLEM: Trailers are not being loaded to optimise space, increasing operational costs

Inefficient loading processes lead to:

  • More lorries on the road, increasing fuel and maintenance costs
  • Delayed deliveries due to loading errors
  • Damaged packages

SOLUTION: Improve loading processes with mobile computers, scanners and data-driven analytic solutions

Verify barcoded shipping information using mobile computers, scanners and BLE beacons to:

  • Ensure packages are being loaded on the right lorry
  • Utilise captured package dimensions to optimise use of trailer space
  • Send confirmation to warehouse management system (WMS) that packages have been loaded


  • Increase profitability
  • Improve parcel visibility and traceability
  • Promote customer satisfaction
  • Ensure faster, more efficient loading processess
  • Provide accurate delivery information


7. Cross-Docking


PROBLEM: Without real-time visibility into the order database and assets, speed and accuracy suffer

Manual procedures decrease efficiency and efficacy of warehouse operations:

  • Workers handling shipments multiple times leads to poor utilisation of material handling equipment (MHE) and personnel
  • Order status cannot be updated quickly for customers
  • Shipment delays and routing errors impact customer service, satisfaction and retention

SOLUTION: Pair RFID and BLE asset visibility solutions with mobile and vehicle computers for real-time order database access

With greater access and visibility, workers can:

  • Process incoming shipments and aggregate those assigned to the same dock
  • Ensure shipments are delivered to the right dock at the right time, and loaded onto the right lorry in the right order
  • Efficiently direct lift lorry operators to the nearest trailer


  • Improve utilisation of MHE and personnel
  • Increase speed, accuracy and efficiency
  • Maintain up-to-the-second inventory
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Eliminate delays during delivery



8. Reverse Logistics


PROBLEM: Lack of visibility across channels increases customer frustration and restocking time

Processing returns is more complex with multiple commerce channels:

  • Brick and mortar stores can’t access order history to process online purchase returns
  • Delays occur as workers validate returns, identify and assess items and process credits
  • Returned goods are often misplaced or not labelled, reducing efficiency
  • Stores may not have visibility into distribution centre inventory—and vice versa

SOLUTION: Improve the customer experience with mobile printing, scanning and computing

Workers can process returns and reshipments in an instant as well as:

  • Identify returned items—whether purchased online or in-store—with barcodes upon receipt
  • Take photos of returned goods to eliminate disputes over the condition
  • Validate the status of a return, issue credit and notify the customer instantaneously
  • Ensure items are added to inventory and instantly available for fulfilment of new orders


  • Reduce overall processing time
  • Improve worker productivity
  • Reduce unnecessary reordering
  • Restock goods promptly
  • Protect customer satisfaction levels

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