Your distribution and logistics network depends on the effectiveness and reliability of its technology.

At VisionID, our electronic proof of delivery (ePOD) solutions leverage our in-house software - M-Netics, and its portfolio of enterprise-grade applications designed to streamline your operations with

  • Leading-edge in-house & third-party software
  • Rugged and versatile mobile devices
  • High quality accessories & peripherals
  • Managed services & support

M-Netics ePOD – Enterprise Logistics Automation & Integration

Our M-Netics ePOD solution is more than just a software application; it’s a fully featured electronic point of delivery platform that connects logistics operators to their customers.

It also supports full integration with handheld terminals (HHTs) benefitting you in:

  • Improving the depth of your customer service capabilities
  • Enhancing the efficiency of your last mile operations 
  • Reducing the operational costs of your fulfilment process

The powerful functionalities of M-Netics ePOD in your logistics operation include:

  • Multiple deliveries and/or collection
  • Electronic ‘drop lists’
  • Unique item tracking
  • Real-time delivery updates
  • Validations of delivered items & consignments
  • Exception recording
  • Satellite navigation
  • Mobile printing

This solution from VisionID and Peak Technologies is designed to empower your logistics operations and transform the effectiveness, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction of your entire last mile fulfilment process. Choose M-Netics ePOD to leverage the following benefits, along with many more:

Deliveries & Collections

Our ePOD software utilises Job Lists to track individual workflows, including recording arriving on site, driver messaging, delivery scanning, inter-branch transfer, electronic signature capture, customer satisfaction surveys, collection scanning, asset retrieval and returns capture.

Signature Capture

Configure signatures per consignment or per items while ensuring signatures are status dependent (so no need for one on a failed delivery). Signatures are captured and uploaded to the cloud in just 10 seconds and are viewable from the desktop M-Netics software platform.

Image Capture

The capture of images by your HHTs built-in camera is configurable for optional or enforced scenarios, with an included status dependent option. Images are stored against jobs, tasks and items (such as recording damaged items). Images are uploaded in real-time.

Mobile Printing

Print labels in different formats and task types while connecting to multiple printers. Formatting is held in XSLT format in configuration and offers complete flexibility on print formats with no application changes (utilising Bluetooth to automatically connect & re-connect).

Vehicle Checks

Utilise M-Netics ePOD to record all vehicles and vehicle types in your fleet. This enables delivery drivers to scan their vehicles and perform a simple-to-use and predetermined test that will ensure every aspect of their vehicle is accurately recorded and analysed.

Satellite Navigation

This solution also empowers drivers with fully integrated auto-guidance to addresses on a given Job List. If your fleets are designated as HGV, the route planning application will ensure the directions given to the driver are fully safe for a vehicle of that width, height and weight.

M-Netics ePOD can include everything your business needs

Technologies include: 
  • Mobile devices
  • Data SIMs
  • ePOD software and software support
  • Fully managed infrastructure
  • As-Live environment for system testing
  • Device commissioning and repairs
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • Cradles and vehicle fitting service
  • Charging cabinets


Services and Support

Our professional services offerings accelerate the design, deployment and adoption of our Asset Visibility Solutions.

Consult & Design




  • Consultancy
  • Design
  • Customisation
  • Integration
  • Installation
  • Staging
  • Project Management
  • Application Development
  • Support
  • Remote Installation


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