Cognex Surface FX Feature Extraction Technology

Isolates raised or embossed features for accurate, reliable inspections of stamped text or codes.

Advanced lighting algorithm separates features from the background.Cognex has developed the SurfaceFX feature extraction technology that uses lighting and software algorithms to create high contrast images that enhance three-dimensional features on a part. This technology removes the noise and clutter from the surface background and isolates features and defects that are recessed or embossed on parts highlighting surface defects such as dents wrinkles, tears, chips and punctures as well as identifying stamped text and codes. Once a clear image is generated the Cognex In-Sight vision tools can perform their inspections.


The Cognex SurfaceFX technology is ideal for manufacturing industries like consumer goods, automotive and electronics to:

  • Identify surface defects
  • Extract 3D features
  • Identify parts
  • Track parts

Advanced lighting algorithm separates features from the background.

The lighting algorithm illuminate’s parts from four different angles, allowing it to analyse the shadows and reflections identifying the 3-dimensional features creating an image to highlight those raised features. The raised features are displayed white and indented features are displayed in black. High contrast images acquired with SurfaceFX technology allows Cognex’s vision tools to complete the inspection by locating patterns, edges, blobs, text or other features.

Watch Cognex video explaining how the SurfaceFX Feature Extraction Technology works


Identify surface defectsReading stamped codes on products and packaging.

Many manufacturers use stamping because it is a relatively low cost, reliable marking method. However, it is often difficult to detect the stamped information because there is little contrast between the moulded or embossed stamp and the packaging material. SurfaceFX technology clearly highlights the characters or codes allowing the OCR tool to read the date, lot code, symbols or other information.

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