If security, dependability and durability are priorities, choose Zebra's True SecureTM card overlays and card laminates.

Additional benefits include:

  • Prevention of card counterfeiting, alteration and duplication
  • Protection against fading, dye-migration and normal wear from handling and swiping
  • Customised laminates available embedded with overt, covert and forensic features

Security Laminates

Security Laminates

Overt - Level 1 Security
Strengthen security with innovative card laminates and card overlays that provide overt security features that are visible to the human eye.

Covert - Level 2 Security
Companies that rely on tight security depend on these card laminates and card overlays, which provide security features that require a device to read the micro or hidden text.

Forensic - Level 3 Security
For companies requiring the highest levels of security, these card laminates and card overlays feature nano-text, which can only be read by a special reading device.

Clear Laminate

Thick, clear card laminates and card overlays are carrier based and linerless, ensuring the images, text and barcodes printed are protected from frequent card usage.

Varnish Overlay

Stock and custom varnish card laminates and card overlays are available in hand-applied patches or ribbon application. Choose from clear or hologram display.

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