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Honeywell VX8 Vehicle Mount Terminal



Vehicle Mount Terminal

Features include:

  • Designed for tougher commercial applications
  • Compact in size and can fit into the smallest of spaces
  • Multiple mount options
  • Rugged with magnesium housing
  • Light sensors with backlit keyboard
  • Intel Core 2 Duo or Atom Processor and Windows operating system

The VX8 has been named Karv, and it comes with a new CPU, display and more memory options. The compact and convenient vehicle mount computer is the easiest to maneuver, can fir into the tiniest of spaces, and offers multiple mounting options. Rugged in construction and design, it can operate in the toughest working conditions. Its IP 65 rating and magnesium enclosure bears testimony to its durability. The VX8 has been designed keeping in mind applications that require mobile computing solutions with powerful operating systems like Microsoft Windows, and can also handle multiple advanced applications. Its connectivity and communications options include Bluetooth, WLAN, WWAN radio.

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